Monday, April 3, 2017

Santa Marta

The evening meal Tábara is prepared by the hospitalero and three of us piligrims shared the hospitality of this albergue. When we arrived, one by one, they told us to leave our laundry in a basket and that they will wash it for us and it would be dry and ready in the morning. This albergue follows the authentic traditions and attention to the piligrims. 
They tell us that they are here to serve us.

On different occasions I tried to help prepare the meal, do the dishes or pick up the laundry from the line....they tell me to enjoy the moment, rest my body and mind.
The evening is very pleasant and we shared a conversation in three languages. José Almeida is the hospitalero, poet and writer and I admire many of his books on the shelf.

Walking to Santa Marta was lovely, the weather perfect for walking through these fields of cultivated land and oak trees.

The Romanic church next to the albergue is in the center of town. It has the oldest stone statue of Santiago dating to the X century.
At the spring and autumn equinox only, at eight o'clock in the morning, the sunlight illuminates the figurative capital, that ends at the left column, at the arch of the apse. The sun rays come through the circular carved little window in the center facade of  the apsidal chapel. The capitals are made of limestone, making this capital very light in colour.
The capital iluminated by the equinox lighting, shows the figure of an angel representing the soul going to heaven.

Last night I had a wonderful sleep. The room was very warm, shared the room with just one other piligrim who slept very very quietly.
I didn't wake up till past 8 am. 

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